Hamburg captivates with its maritime charm, expansive green spaces, and a vibrant cultural scene. It's a dynamic place for creatives and families alike.

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Why move to Hamburg?

It's a city that offers an exceptional quality of life with its waterways and extensive parks, perfect for those who appreciate a sophisticated maritime lifestyle and urban diversity.

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Cultural diversity and culinary delights

Hamburg's cosmopolitan atmosphere is reflected in a vibrant culture and food scene. From top-notch musicals and theaters to international cuisines and local street food offerings, Hamburg is a haven for culture and culinary enthusiasts.

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Hamburg, a family-friendly city, provides a wealth of playgrounds, educational institutions, and museums, including the famous Miniatur Wunderland, making it an ideal place for families. The city actively promotes education and leisure for all ages.

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Waterways and green spaces

The charm of Hamburg is shaped by its picturesque waterways, including the Alster and the Elbe, giving the city its distinctive character. Lush parks such as Stadtpark and Planten un Blomen offer relaxation and nature activities.

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Art and Cultural Diversity in the Neighborhoods

Hamburg shines with a lively art and cultural scene rooted in the unique characters of its neighborhoods. From the nightlife on the Reeperbahn to the museums in the Speicherstadt, the districts offer a diverse range of cultural offerings that make Hamburg a hotspot for art lovers.


Discover vibrant life in Hamburg: rental apartment in Hamburg

Hamburg: A city that combines maritime elegance with urban diversity. Rental prices vary, offering attractive living options for every situation, from charming old buildings near the Alster to modern new developments in the HafenCity district.

Living in Hamburg: maritime & urban in green Northern Germany




Hamburg Rental Prices
Rental prices in Hamburg reflect the high quality of life and attractive living areas. A one-bedroom apartment may cost around €900, while a three-bedroom apartment is about €2,500, according to Numbeo.
Building Types
Hamburg offers a wide range of living styles, from historic buildings in the Speicherstadt to contemporary residential complexes along the Elbe, often equipped with water views and access to green spaces.
Hamburg is a cosmopolitan and versatile city, known for its maritime lifestyle and cultural dynamism. This makes Hamburg an appealing place for those seeking a mix of urban living and nature-close relaxation.

Music and architecture: Elbphilharmonie: Known locally as Elphi, the Elbphilharmonie is one of the most modern and visually striking concert halls in the world, renowned for its acoustics and distinctive architecture. Situated by the Elbe River, it offers not only musical delights but also a public viewing platform providing one of the best panoramic views of Hamburg. Even if you're not attending a concert, the building itself is great to explore, from its wave-like glass facade to its innovative interior design.

Beer and pubs:
For a taste of local life, visit Altes Mädchen, a brewpub located in the Schanzenhöfe, an area known for its craft beer scene. Offering a vast selection of local and international craft beers and a menu featuring regional dishes, this place provides a cozy atmosphere to relax and enjoy the local brew culture. It's a great spot to mingle with locals and try some unique beer varieties.

Calmness and views in Blankenese: a picturesque district located along the Elbe River, is famous for its Treppenviertel or "Stairs Quarter." This area is characterized by its winding staircases, narrow lanes, and beautiful hillside houses offering stunning views of the river.

Maritime culture: The Hamburg Fish Market, or "Fischmarkt," is an iconic Sunday morning tradition in Hamburg, running from early morning until midday. Located along the Elbe River in St. Pauli, it's not just about fish; you'll find a vibrant mix of fresh produce, flowers, clothes, and even souvenirs. The market is famous for its lively atmosphere, where vendors energetically hawk their goods, often with humor and flair. A visit here offers a glimpse into Hamburg's maritime culture and local life, complete with live music and breakfast options ranging from traditional fish sandwiches to international delicacies. It's a must-visit for early risers and those looking to experience the authentic Hamburg vibe.