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Waitly offers you a transparent and user-friendly solution for the efficient management of your properties. By automating processes, Waitly significantly reduces administrative effort, saving both time and costs.

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Advantages through Waitly

Waitly assists property managers in different countries in efficiently handling their waiting lists and significantly reducing time and administrative effort for a broad range of properties.


Full transparency

With Waitly, housing seekers can easily track their requests, waiting times, and desired properties. This means fewer inquiries for you and higher satisfaction for your customers.


Secure Data Management

Rely on our GDPR-compliant management of your lists. We ensure that all personal data is securely processed in accordance with data protection regulations.

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Flexible List Management

Adapt your list management to meet your specific needs. With Waitly, you can easily create and manage various types of lists tailored to your unique requirements.


Save Time

Sending offers, updating lists, managing viewings, collecting documents – all this and much more happens automatically with Waitly, giving you more time to focus on other tasks.

How we helped others

With Waitly, we have optimized our waiting lists for rental properties, ensured efficient and unified communication with the tenants, and improved their experience. The intuitive and transparent platform reduces our administrative resource consumption and makes internal processes more flexible.

Administrator Anne Mette Cramer

Anne-Mette Cramer

Head of Administration,


I manage a large property where there are many special rules and procedures. Waitly has, for the most part, tailored a solution that suits our needs.
I find that Waitly is always willing to develop solutions for the needs that arise along the way and is always open to suggestions.

Nikita Portrait

Nikita Grønlund Kande Kousted

Team leader & property manager,

CEJ Property management

Waitly has managed to digitalize waiting lists to the great benefit of both the boards of cooperative housing associations and the many home seekers, for whom finding the right home has previously been an unmanageable territory.

David from Danske Bank

David Bresemann Jakobsen

Manager of cooperative housing,

Danske Bank

Administer your properties with ease , fairness and transparency.

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Properties listed.

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Subscriptions in Denmark & Germany.

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All your waiting lists in one place.

Streamline your waiting lists with clarity and ease.