Wedding, a vibrant and rising district in Berlin, is celebrated for its multicultural community, creative vibe, and affordable lifestyle. 

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Why Wedding?

Wedding stands as a perfect blend of urban diversity, lively creativity, and social togetherness. Its openness and accessibility make it a favored destination for young professionals, students, and artists alike. The district's comparatively affordable living spaces and its diverse, inclusive community welcome people from all backgrounds, enriching the cultural tapestry of the area.

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Affordable housing

The district is known for its comparatively affordable housing and its diverse, inclusive community that welcomes people of all backgrounds.

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Lively music scene

The district boasts a vibrant music scene, with impressive graffiti and wall paintings turning the streets into a lively art gallery. A wide range of music clubs and venues offer live music, from jazz to electronic, enriching Wedding's cultural offerings.

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Community centers and social projects

Rich in community centers and social projects, Wedding dedicates itself to promoting education, arts, and social involvement. These establishments fortify community cohesion, providing spaces for cultural exchange and personal growth, thereby nurturing a supportive environment for all residents.

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Family-friendly atmosphere

With numerous kindergartens, schools, and family-oriented recreational facilities, Wedding offers an especially family-friendly environment. The abundance of playgrounds, public parks, and child-friendly events make the district an ideal place for families seeking a vibrant urban life.


Discover the diversity of Berlin life: Renting an apartment in Wedding

When looking to find an apartment in Wedding, one discovers a neighborhood known for its multiculturalism and creative atmosphere. The rental prices here are affordable, offering excellent value for money, with options ranging from traditional Altbau (old building) apartments to modern new constructions.

Living in Wedding: dynamic & creative in urban Berlin



Rental prices
The rental prices in Wedding are attractive, offering great value for money. An one-bedroom apartment may cost around €700, while a three-bedroom apartment could be approximately €1,800, according to Numbeo data.
Variety in Building Types

Wedding presents a variety of living styles, from charming old buildings to contemporary new constructions, often located in vibrant and multicultural neighborhoods. This variety caters to a wide range of preferences and needs, ensuring that everyone can find their ideal home.

Neighborhood Vibes
Wedding is dynamic and versatile. It's ideal for those seeking a lively and affordable life in Berlin. The district's character is defined by its contrasts – from noisy, bustling streets to tranquil, green spaces like Volkspark Rehberge and the Panke river walk.

Experiencing Wedding

Wedding's charm lies in its contrasts – at times loud, hectic, and grey, at others green, relaxed, and calm. From spending hours in the 24-hour pub Magendoktor to strolling through Volkspark Rehberge or lazing by the canal.