Discover Berlin Schöneberg, an elegant and historic district known for its magnificent old buildings, diverse cultural scene, and lively weekly markets

Nollendorf Platz Berlin

Why Schöneberg?

Schöneberg offers elegant city living with a rich cultural diversity. Its historical significance and vibrant community make it a sought-after residence for all age groups.

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Magnificent architecture and history

The splendid old buildings and historical squares in Schöneberg tell of Berlin's rich history. Schöneberg City Hall, where Kennedy gave his famous speech, is just one of the many historic landmarks.

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Lively cultural scene and events

Schöneberg is known for its vibrant cultural scene with a variety of theaters, galleries, and events that cater to a broad range of cultural interests throughout the year.

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Charming cafes and weekly markets

The charming cafes and weekly markets, like the famous Winterfeldt market, offer a lively atmosphere and are popular meeting spots for locals and visitors.

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Diverse community and openness

Schöneberg is known for its cosmopolitan and diverse community. The district has a long tradition of acceptance and is especially known for its vibrant LGBTQ+ scene.


Discover elegant Berlin life: renting in Schöneberg

A district known for its magnificent architecture and lively cultural scene. Rental prices reflect the high quality of life and historic charm of the area.

Schöneberg offers a rich selection of housing options, from impressive old buildings to modern-equipped apartments.

Living in Schöneberg: stylish & cultural in historic Berlin



Rental prices in Schöneberg
Rental prices in Berlin Schöneberg vary depending on location and quality of furnishings. A one-bedroom apartment might cost around €1,000, while a three-bedroom apartment generally exceeds €2,500, according to Numbeo.
Building types
Schöneberg is renowned for its impressive old buildings with high ceilings and stucco decorations, as well as modern-equipped apartments often situated in quiet, tree-lined streets.
Neighborhood vibe
Schöneberg exudes an elegant and cultivated atmosphere, marked by historical charm and a lively cultural scene. The district is ideal for those seeking a stylish and culturally enriching life in Berlin.