Discover real estate in Neukölln, a vibrant and up-and-coming district known for its cultural diversity, trendy bars, and artistic hotspots. Experience the pulsating life in this versatile and cosmopolitan neighborhood.

Neukölln Berlin

Why Neukölln?

Neukölln boasts an unparalleled mix of cultural diversity, dynamic community, and affordable lifestyle, making it a magnet for students, young families, and artists seeking a vibrant environment with great value.

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Cultural diversity and markets

Neukölln's cultural diversity is reflected in its colorful street markets and a variety of international restaurants, ranging from traditional Turkish cuisine to modern fusion dishes.

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Extensive green spaces

Neukölln surprises with its extensive green spaces like Körnerpark, a carefully designed oasis amidst the urban landscape. This park serves as a beautiful leisure and relaxation area with its artistic fountains, manicured flower beds, and an orangery that functions as a gallery for contemporary art.

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Affordable lifestyle

Compared to other Berlin districts, Neukölln offers a relatively affordable lifestyle. This cost advantage particularly attracts students, young families, and artists looking for a lively environment with good value for money.

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Vibrant community and inclusivity

The neighborhood is known for its open and inclusive community, welcoming people from all over the world. This atmosphere fosters a colorful and dynamic community life.


Discover versatile Berlin life: Renting in Neukölln

A district known for its cultural diversity and vibrant art scene. Rental prices are comparatively moderate and offer good value for money.

Neukölln offers a wide range of living options, from traditional old buildings to modern lofts.

Living in Neukölln: culturally vibrant & trendy in Berlin



Rental prices in Neukölln
Rental prices in Berlin Neukölln vary, often providing an attractive price-performance ratio. A one-bedroom apartment might cost around €850, while a three-bedroom apartment could be about €2,200, according to Numbeo.

Building types
Neukölln features a mix of charming old buildings and modern apartments, frequently located in lively and multicultural neighborhoods.

Neighborhood vibe
Neukölln is dynamic and multicultural, a melting pot of different cultures. The neighborhood is ideal for those seeking a vibrant, artistically influenced, and cosmopolitan life in Berlin.