Discover Moabit with its tranquil residential areas that offer a relaxed living atmosphere despite its central location. Many streets are lined with avenues, far from the noise of the city, making Moabit a peaceful retreat in the heart of the capital.

Moabit canal in Berlin

Why Moabit?

Moabit combines urban living with a relaxed atmosphere and affordable housing options.

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Green oases and recreational opportunities

Despite its central location, Moabit offers numerous green spaces and parks serving as urban oases. Fritz-Schloß-Park and Kleiner Tiergarten are just a few of the green refuges providing perfect spots for relaxation and leisure activities.

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With its many schools, daycare centers, and family-oriented events, Moabit is particularly attractive to families. District libraries and recreational centers also offer cultural and educational programs for all ages.

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Infrastructure and connectivity

Moabit benefits from excellent transport connections and infrastructure. With various S-Bahn and U-Bahn lines as well as bus routes, the district is optimally integrated into Berlin's transportation network, facilitating daily commutes.

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Affordable living space

In Moabit, attractive rental prices offer excellent value for money. This makes the district particularly appealing to students, young professionals, and families looking for affordable housing in the capital.


Discover vibrant Berlin life: renting in Moabit

A district known for its calm quality of life and affordable housing. Moabit is a top choice for those wanting to enjoy dynamic Berlin life in a versatile and accessible environment.

Moabit offers a variety of living options, from charming old buildings to modern new constructions.


Rental prices in Moabit
Rental prices in Berlin Moabit are comparatively moderate, providing an attractive price-performance ratio. A one-bedroom apartment might cost around €750, while a three-bedroom apartment could be about €1,800, according to general market assessments.
Building types
Moabit is characterized by a mix of historical old buildings and contemporary residential complexes, often located in vibrant and culturally rich neighborhoods.
Neighborhood vibe
Moabit is lively and diverse, an urban melting pot known for its open and friendly atmosphere. This district is ideal for those seeking an active and culturally enriched city life.